Founded in 2017 The 100s Club was built from the belief that style and determination should go hand in hand on your journey to success. Our mission is simple. To change the way fashion is viewed worldwide by introducing our exclusive lifestyle and brand values through our products. We plan to do this by connecting people together through one simple ideology:
The difference between a dream and a goal is a deadline.
We call our products memberships and design them with unique symbolism to inspire each of our members to unlock their limitless potential. You officially become a member of The 100s Club as soon as you purchase one of our products. Every time you put your membership on you're representing a global movement invested in becoming the best version of you possible. It's so much more than just a timepiece, accessory or clothing. It's a vision, a lifestyle and a foundation to turn your dreams into a reality.

Every product we create is influenced by cities from around the world and we infuse each product with key characteristics from the city it's based on to give it a truly unique and powerful feel. With you as the centrepiece, our memberships create a unique blueprint for success when put together, modelled from a marvel of architecture, ingenuity and incredible determination inspired from across the ages. We want you to feel empowered every time you wear your membership. The 100s Club is behind you in all that you do and we achieve every time, everywhere in any place. We win. Always.

We use only the finest quality materials to make all of our products and enforce strict quality control procedures to ensure our customers get the best experience possible. We are proud to deliver a devoted customer service that not only covers any enquires but also our members journeys. Every watch we create comes with a two year guarantee. You can reach us at anytime via our website or our social media platforms.

The 100s Club is built around improving and maintaining a strong, positive mental health lifestyle. This is something the founding members are incredibly passionate about and want to support as much as possible. We aim to infuse all of our products with strong values that represent the benefits of continuous self development and maintaining a healthy mindset.