LAX: Engineering Meets Elegance

We're literally about to peak into the British summer here in London and two things are certain. Either it's going to be absolutely scorching or it's going to tip it down. The weather can have a profound effect on our emotions, our motivation and our wardrobe. However, weather (couldn't resist) the sun beat down on us all like a Calvin Harris bassline or we all get drenched, one thing that doesn't have to suffer, and shouldn't, are your goals.

So why Los Angeles? What is the underlining reason for why we've chosen this city to represent arguably one of our most beautiful, well balanced ranges this season? For the wearer the answer is simply artistic-ingenuity. LAX is a consistently evolving landscape of creative capitalism that holds no remorse for those who have no direction. Of course, to the naked eye it may seem like sun, sex and style, but look a little deeper and the code will start to appear. You have to be unforgiving with your approach, a technician with your execution and have a drive that will not falter at the most pivotal points on your journey.

Each of our ranges hold their own unique characteristics just like their owners. The Los Angeles range is a constant reminder that complacency is the key to your demise. It looks incredible, it feels amazing and every time you reach a goal it will remind you that your potential is limitless. This range is actually crafted for winners, in the literal sense. You will win every-time you lose as long as you never quit. And every-time you win you will never lose if you conquer complacency at every corner. The perfect balance of hard work and reward. One will never come without the other organically, and our Los Angeles range is a representation of every achievement you've made to date, AND pending.

To tie this down, and relate it back to my original point, it doesn't matter where in the world you are right now or what the weather is doing. There is NO excuse for not looking on point when you're killing it, and there is indefinitely no reason for why you shouldn't be pouring every ounce of your energy into achieving your goals.

The Los Angeles range is as symbolic for it's purpose as it is for it's aesthetics. Remember, when you're smiling to yourself for hitting that target, smashing that obstacle and pushing those boundaries, your club is grinning with you. We win. Always.